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If your cat catches a mouse do you let it go outside?

It is generally not recommended to let your cat go outside with a captured mouse. Here's why:

1. Safety of the cat: The mouse may carry diseases or parasites that can be transmitted to your cat. For example, mice may carry ticks, fleas, or even transmit hantavirus, which can be harmful to cats.
2. Wildlife conservation: If your cat is an outdoor cat, it is important to consider the impact they may have on local wildlife populations. Cats are natural hunters and their predatory behavior can threaten native bird and small mammal populations.
3. Rodent control inside: Catching mice is often considered a desirable quality in a pet cat, as it helps control the rodent population in your home. Letting your cat go outside with a captured mouse may result in the rodent returning indoors.
4. Training and supervision: Encouraging responsible behavior, training, and providing interactive toys or puzzles for mental stimulation can be more beneficial for your cat's overall well-being.

It is best to keep your cat indoors or provide them with a controlled outdoor space like a screened porch or catio to engage with the outside environment while remaining safe and minimizing environmental impact.

If your cat catches a mouse do you let it go outside?

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